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This clip is one of the most dangerous hypnotic-clips ever. Lady Victoria gets you to sleep and uses special commands to get you willing to serve her! After this clip you can say goodbye to your brain because it will be completely reprogrammed by her. Brainwashing on highest levels. Attention!

In this clip goddess GG executes some evil brainwashing on you! She teases you with her movements and soft voice - and suddenly you get the deep asking to please this goddess... Pure brainwashing for real hypnotic femdom addictives...

Look into the eyes of this goddess and get ready to become her pet forever... When you just start to play this clip once, her eyes and voice will change all your thoughts within seconds and you will become her toy - but be warned: If you get into this spiders web, she will never let you go...

Lady Lana gives her slaves some tasks for her own amusement. She brainwashes you with her soft voice, making you do everything she wants - until you become one of her little puppets she can use whenever she wants... Are you ready to server her yet?

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