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You must follow her sexy lips and watch the prism and listen to her jerk off instruction. You are now her hypnotized slave and she has total control over you. Focus on her red lips and stroke ever so slowly. That is all you get for now. You have become her brainwashed slave and you have become hypnotized to stroke your cock as slow as you possibly can even if it takes all day

Lisa Jordan's titties are mesmerizing. Look at them too long and one will get hypnotized. Those perky ta-tas and her soft voice will have you doing things you normally would not do. Watch her bounce them up and down and play with her hard candy apple nipples. Your mouth is watering and you want to touch them and nibble like you are being breastfed.

Mistress Lycia is such a powerful mistress that just the sound of her sexy voice will be enough to turn you into her living puppet and slave for her needs. She tells you that you need to worship her and she always repeats those words until you will accept them. And once you do you will do everything for her...

Mistress Velvet will make you become her living jerk off puppet! She will make you tired with her pendulum and then she will start to implant special keywords in your mind. After you wake up she will be able to control your sex life with those words! One word will be enough to make you become aroused as if you would have stayed in chastity for years and another one will make you forget that you have got a penis...

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