Femdom Hypnosis - All about beautiful girls hypnotizing males - Page 67

Lady Lana gives her slaves some tasks for her own amusement. She brainwashes you with her soft voice, making you do everything she wants - until you become one of her little puppets she can use whenever she wants... Are you ready to server her yet?

Lady Victoria gets you into a deep sleep while watching this clip. She tells you over and over again what you will do for her and gets closer into your subconscious - and before you get to think that this clip is just a fake, you find yourself kneeling before her, pleasing her like she ordered you to...

Princess Simone gets you on your knees as she tells you how pathetic you are, watching her sexy latex ass and paying to see it! She makes you worship her and hypnotizes you with this perfect shiny ass until you are willing to serve and adore her.

Princess Lily Anna shows off her perfect sexy Ass and makes all those losers drool. She tells them how poor they are that they keep looking on her perfect ass being humiliated and laughed at. Imagine kneeling before her and kissing this perfect ass...

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