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Even though this sexy mistress has a rough edge about her, she makes you addicted right away. Those mesmerizing eyes are like saucers and they make your body numb as she glares at you. Her black stylish haircut with little black hat cocked to the side adds to her mysterious persona. The trancing lights behind her will seal the deal and lure you completely in.

See how the water slides off of this beautiful and sexy mistress. She goes by the name of Lady Juely and she is slippery wet during bath time. Her dark seductive eyes takes total control over you and you wanna climb in with this vixen. She exposes her pussy as she slides her leopard thongs and pokes out those juicy lips. Come let this mistress tease and deny you.

Hypnosis Mistress for your brainwashing needs. Having a Femdom hypnosis is must easier on the eyes for all you guys. Luring you in with her sexy lips and soft voice giving her total control. Lisa Jordan financial hypnosis pov takes slaves to a new domination. Slave pay for ass tease, foot tease, tease and denial, leaving this money slave in a deep trance. Having a response like yes Lady Nivia your red hips, sexy eyes, sexy feet and high heels makes me be your brain washed slave. Slaves want the foot soles, bare feet, ass worship, and jerk off instruction that stem from dangerous hypnotically abilities.

Being brainwashed by this dangerous chocolate beauty is easy. This hypnosis mistress known as the Praying Mantis by her brainwashed slaves pokes out her luscious sexy lips daring you to kiss them. She uses her seductive looks to pull a slave in but once she controls them she turns into a devil that will not let go.

Lisa Jordan's titties are mesmerizing. Look at them too long and one will get hypnotized. Those perky ta-tas and her soft voice will have you doing things you normally would not do. Watch her bounce them up and down and play with her hard candy apple nipples. Your mouth is watering and you want to touch them and nibble like you are being breastfed.

Curvaceous Goddess Tierra has created a variety of brainwashing clips just for her fans. Her soft voice and red lips will make anyone bow down to her and make them do anything even if it is torturous humiliation. Total control over her slaves is her mission and she has a sexy ass to help her get her way.

Lady Amber sits there on the couch and you are totally shocked as you are listening to her. You dated her to have a special "night" but she found out information about you which belong into a "top secret" box - all your pervert little dreams are an open book for her now and guess what she does with that knowledge? Blackmailing you!

This clip contains a high level hypnosis. Mistress Lady Maria speaks directly to you as her slave as she puts you in deep trance. As you listen to her voice you will feel weak and tired. The more you listen to her the more tired you get. Then she counts from 3 to 1 and your transformation will be completed...

Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria has made one clip that will put you on a heavy hypnotic state. Its strongly suggested not to watch that clip if you are affected by epilepsy, depressions or schizophrenia. This clip is done by a professional hypnotic-mistress and will definitely work - so just watch that movie if you are sure to become a slave of that mistress.

Look at this gorgeous sexy young person. Isn't she everything you ever wanted? Yes of course she is, and it's such a shame that you are such a pathetic little perverted - you will never have the chance to date a woman like her. But being abused and being a little piggy to her might be the right thing for you, what do you think? So look at her pendulum and get weak...

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