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Mistress Money Princess has hypnotized one slave. She wants to show off her abilities to prove that they are real and has prepared this clip. You can see her making her slave kneel and worship her boots. She snaps with her fingers and he instantly gets on his knees to worship her...

This stupid idiot has hypnotized this lady! He loved to be sat on his face and smothered. So he told her as she was in trance, that his face would be the most comfortable seat she will have ever sitten on. Too bad that she's already sitting on his face for more than 3 minutes now and he still isn't able to tell her to wake up...

Mistress Maria washes your brain with her hypnotic words. She tells you that you are going to be her property. First you will try to resist her words and then you will suddenly accept them and after you did so you will notice that you have already become this wonderful black haired mistress' slave

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