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Mistress Maria washes your brain with her hypnotic words. She tells you that you are going to be her property. First you will try to resist her words and then you will suddenly accept them and after you did so you will notice that you have already become this wonderful black haired mistress' slave

Those cruel brats are called the pimp ladies! They love to make submissive guys like you worship them. In this clip they both use their hypnotic abilities to make you fall into a deep trance. Then they speak to you very slowly and implant keyword triggers in your minds. Whenever you hear them speaking out one special keyword you will instantly get back to that trance level and feel the unlimited desire to please them...

Mistress Rayne wears a purple dress in this clip. She touches her tits very gently, strokes over that skintight suit and keeps posing right in front of the camera since she knows how to effect on you to make you hot. She wants you to be a further slave for her, useful and ready to be wallet-raped whenever she wants you to...

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