Archive 10/2010 | Femdom Hypnosis

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Melissa will force you to listen to her sexy soft voice in this clip. But once you start accepting her words and once those words have attached to your mind you will find yourself being her slave! Her target is it to put you into slavery by hypnotize you and once you will be hers you will never escape.

Mistress Enchantress will put her spell on you in this dangerous clip! She will turn you into her living puppet and she will make you do whatever she wants by showing off her sexy blue eyes! Her look will capture you and once you have become weak there won't be a way out of the slavery...

Mistress Velvet will make you become her living jerk off puppet! She will make you tired with her pendulum and then she will start to implant special keywords in your mind. After you wake up she will be able to control your sex life with those words! One word will be enough to make you become aroused as if you would have stayed in chastity for years and another one will make you forget that you have got a penis...

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