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Mistress Lily Anna laughs about you pathetic footboy with every bought clip. She knows exactly how weak you are and that you will keep buying her clips just because she says so. In this clip she makes you pay for something you are not able to see before you buy it - so you will not know what it is. Its an additional humiliating point and one more reason for her to laugh about you...

Goddess GG brainwashes you little pathetic head! Listen to her soft voice as she gets you into trance. She tells you what you are and what you are good for - after you listened very good, you will soon find yourself under her glorious heels, licking her soles because after she is done with you, you are reprogrammed and you will obey every command like a robot...

Lady Victoria is going to milk you dry and pay for it! She just starts her game with her perfect voice and after listening to her just for a few seconds you are already part of it. There is no escape, you do as she says and if you don't do well, you pay a tribute to her. I don't know how she makes it, but it works - you can't deny... So be warned!

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