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Mistress Tiffany and her friend wanted to combine efforts and humiliate this guy as well as hypnotize him. The two mistresses used their feet to both humiliate as well as to hypnotize. The nearly naked mistresses had fun at the expense of the guy who thought they liked him and were interested in him but had weird fetishes which he had to endure in order to fuck both of them.

Mistress Casandra talks to you in this clip! She sits in front of you and makes you listen to her sexy soft voice as she shows off her bare feet and sexy soles to make your tiny dick stand up. She uses your weakness to control you and after you have watched this clip you won't be able to clear your minds anymore, you will be her slave.

Lady Casandra shows off her sexy soles in this one - her target is to turn you into her slave just by hypnotizing you with her soles. She tells you that you are going to feel more and more tired and after a few seconds have passed you will notice that your complete focus lays on her sexy soles...

This sexy mistress practices many different techniques to enslave, hypnotize and brainwash her victims. This time she simply sits on a chair and on the first look you wouldn't believe that this clip could ever have some hypnotic elements - but you will be surprised how deep this mistress can reach your mind by slowly taking off her tight-highs and circling her pretty feet in front of the camera...

Lisa Jordan's legs are perfect. They are in shape, long - endless long, and her feet are one of the most sexy feet I've ever seen. To make it short: This woman deserves everything and gets everything. In this clip she shows off her perfect legs and makes you stare at them. She wants you to become completely weak and touches her soft skin to turn you on and make you weak...

Those soft and delicious sexy soles will completely reprogram you. The Saudi mistress doesn't let you look on her whole sexy body, she just uses her toes, and wrinkles them to make you become an addicted little puppy. With every movement of her toes and every sole peek you will think more and more about this goddess.

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