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One look at these close up shots of sexy brunette goddess Megan's bare feet and you will become her foot slave. She wiggles her toes as your mouth waters looking at her feet hoping you can lick them. Megan's domination is so powerful that you completely submit to her even though her foot domination is just on a video. You must polish the dirt off her feet with your tongue.

Casandra is having a little play time with her webcam. As soon as she sets the cam up she lays back on her bed with a lighted ball under her. See how it accentuates her tight ass and perky breasts. She shoves her bare feet in the camera and orders her pay slave to act as if he is licking the bottoms of them. She just got a fresh pedicure and she wants to show it off for you.

This clip contains many different key-scenes that will reprogram your complete brain. Mistress Vaughn will make you do everything for you as you see her feet, legs, ass, tits or just admire her smoking. She turns you into a living puppet - her puppet! You will handle over all your money and everything you have just to please her...

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