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Lady Amber sits there on the couch and you are totally shocked as you are listening to her. You dated her to have a special "night" but she found out information about you which belong into a "top secret" box - all your pervert little dreams are an open book for her now and guess what she does with that knowledge? Blackmailing you!

Mistress BBW Cathy hypnotizes you. She talks directly to you with her sexy soft voice and tells you that you are a pathetic loser born to serve any woman. After a few minutes every word will burn into your brain and you will have the desire to anything she wants from you - in this state you are helplessly lost...

This hypnotic mistress will quit your jerking habit. She talks to you with her sexy voice as she looks deep into your eyes. Her voice sounds quite and bland and the more she speaks, the more her word begin to chain on your brain. After you have watched this clip, you will be a chastity slave, no matter if you agree or not.

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