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Mistress Emily Jones loves to hypnotize. She loves it because she is a controlling mistress and it helps her do what she wants. She loves how she is able to financially dominate losers after she has taken control of their minds. They never see it coming as she uses her flirting skills to do it and many of them never know that she plans to hypnotize and control them in the process.

Princess Kate is a great hypnotist. She knows how to control guys and make them do what she wants. Today she wanted money so she used her dirty girl tricks and skills to make the guys not only love what she did, but also do what she wanted, which was to shower her with money and lots of it. The good thing with her is that even when she financially humiliates her slaves, they have fun.

Mistress BlackDiamoond likes to smoke before she starts her hypnotic session. Today she had a new guy she wanted to hypnotize so as to increase her revenue generation. She wanted to buy a new house and she needed more pay slaves. Once she was done with her cigarette, she turned the guy into her pay slave by hypnotizing him before she moved on to others and that is how she managed to achieve her goal.

When you are as sexy as this mistress, there are things you do not have to struggle with. This mistress lives a great life because she knows her pay pigs will always be there for her. They can buy her all the things she wants and all she has to do in return is to make sure she teases them and she hypnotizes them and makes sure they have a good time.

Goddess Saffron now has you under her control and there is nothing that you can do about it, not that you would really want to stop her if you could. She will bring you down through every layer of your consciousness and tear you apart from the inside before putting you back together in a way that she likes. You will not speak or moves until she tell you to.

Herrin Amy loves slaves - pay slaves. This is because her efforts to control their brains and hypnotise them are not in vain. She uses her hot body to do it and they rarely if ever fail to succumb to her pursuit

Once hot Herrin Amy hypnotizes you and brainwashes you, you are hers for keeps. And she only likes the moneyed guys. She likes to control their minds and in so doing, can control their wallets as well

When it's time for the Black Widow to get what she wants, she knows what she has to use. She takes her time and puts on her black widow's weeds and she goes to work. She uses her pendulum to get their attention. She takes her time and she works the pendulum and her creamy ass to get her victims into a trance. As soon as she has them where she wants, she makes sure to program them to her liking.

When she takes her slave home, she makes sure she has everything she needs to put him under her spell. She sits him down and tells him what he will and won't do. As she is telling him this, she spits into his hand so that he knows the feel of her spit. She wants him to know because when she spits on him, she wants him to be turned on. She wants him to feel her spit and jump to her demands.

Watch this lovely curvy babe slowly lower her black leather bra until it unveils her lovely tits. Look deep into her bosom staring at the lady bug pasties barely covering her nipples hidden underneath! Imagine yourself touching them! Make your cock follow the movements of her lovely breasts bouncing to and fro! Submit and surrender yourself all to her lovely tatas! Dive deep imaging your cock slapping the right and left tit!

This lovely blonde babes uses her crystal pendulum to make you delve into a world of trance, making you imagine yourself sucking cock, and taking it deep into your tight ass! Its a beautiful world! She wants you to imagine all of this while pleasuring yourself in front of her, look deep into her eyes, while watching the pendulum swing back and forth! Do as she says and obey her commands!

Look deep into this blonde haired, brown eyed Princess, Princess Fatales eyes! Let her enthrall you and take you over! Obey her every command, let her hypnotize you as you stare deep into her daunting lovely eyes! Do exactly what she tells you, let her do what she wants with you! Be a good little slave boy and listen close to this Princesses naughty commands, she knows just what she wants from you.

Let this hot sexy latino Hypnotist Sarah take charge! Listen to her soft voice and follow her commands! This sexy brunette hypnotist will help you if only you give her the chance! Sit back relax, and let her brainwash your mind! Take some deep breaths and watch her, let her take over! Pay attention to her big tits, nice smile, curvy sides, and of course the pendulum! She will help you!

Lisa Jordan's titties are mesmerizing. Look at them too long and one will get hypnotized. Those perky ta-tas and her soft voice will have you doing things you normally would not do. Watch her bounce them up and down and play with her hard candy apple nipples. Your mouth is watering and you want to touch them and nibble like you are being breastfed.

Blonde twins has total control over their slaves. Blue eyes, flowing hair and seductive juicy lips makes it easy for them to do a little hypnosis POV. With short skirts on their slave can easily see their cookies but before the slave can get to that secret part, the slave needs to lick both of their bare feet. They give a sexy foot tease before stuffing their toes in the slave's mouth

This hypnotic mistress will quit your jerking habit. She talks to you with her sexy voice as she looks deep into your eyes. Her voice sounds quite and bland and the more she speaks, the more her word begin to chain on your brain. After you have watched this clip, you will be a chastity slave, no matter if you agree or not.

Can you resist this sexy red black haired mistress? Can you resist her devilish look, her deep eyes and her sexy face? Of course you can't - nobody can. And she will reprogram you with her soft sexy voice, she will turn you into her living pay robot and rape your wallet until nothing will be left.

Mistress Jenna is your personal therapist - she should help you losing your perverted fantasies. But as she hypnotizes you she made you tell her what you are totally into and then she changed her mind. Now she increases your pervert thoughts and makes you become more addicted and pay her all your money. Every time you wake up you don't know anything because you keep thinking that she would like to help you.

Cathy starts an experiment in this clip and you are her test object. She wants to know if she can hypnotize you and turn you into her slave by just talking to you with her sexy voice. She tells you how pathetic and disgusting you are for being a submissive toe sucker. You are nothing to her and it seems that her test will work on you...

This wonderful sexy perfect person will make you beg to become her slave. How will she do that? Well in this clip you can find the answer and I can tell you one thing before: Its working, this sexy mistress made me totally weak just with her voice and her perfect body... So be warned.

Mistress Rayne wears a purple dress in this clip. She touches her tits very gently, strokes over that skintight suit and keeps posing right in front of the camera since she knows how to effect on you to make you hot. She wants you to be a further slave for her, useful and ready to be wallet-raped whenever she wants you to...

Are you ready to become a further part of my slave collection? Well everything you need to do is buy my clip and watch it - I guarantee that you will become my slave as faster as you would even like it. First I tell you something about yourself and how pathetic you are, later a always repeat important keywords just to make it impossible for you to escape me... So, are you ready?

Mistress Goddess GG is going to hypnotize you with her steel blue eyes. Just keep looking in her eyes while she tells you what you are good for and that you are going to server her forever. After watching the first minutes you will become very submissive and maybe become her next slave...

Mistress Nikki knows how to get a slave weak. She wears some extra wide clothes to grant a deep look on her sexy big breasts. Her soft voice and her fingers on her skin make you go crazy and do whatever she wants. She smiles on you and gets you weaker and weaker, step by step - until you are ready to serve her...

Mistress Ebony teases you with her sexy perfect tits. Listen up as she tells you what you are made and good for - but take care, she follows an evil plan: While making you weak by touching her perfect breast, she plants her hypnotizing words in your brain to make you become her new slave... Don't try to resist this perfect mistress...

Goddess GG brainwashes you little pathetic head! Listen to her soft voice as she gets you into trance. She tells you what you are and what you are good for - after you listened very good, you will soon find yourself under her glorious heels, licking her soles because after she is done with you, you are reprogrammed and you will obey every command like a robot...

Look into the eyes of this goddess and get ready to become her pet forever... When you just start to play this clip once, her eyes and voice will change all your thoughts within seconds and you will become her toy - but be warned: If you get into this spiders web, she will never let you go...

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